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Well done ACCORD! - Lets see a new version! :)

  • Started 6 years ago by NEOOWL
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    Hello to you all from the UK.

    I'm starting this thread in the hope that I can get something back from the ACCORD team. Basically I have been using the Trellis desk since 2009 in my current job (A school) and also in my previous job (Law firm). Both have worked perfectly. In my current job we have racked up over 10,000 tickets and if it wasn’t for this helpdesk it would have become un-manageable. I would like to just give you a massive well done!

    The helpdesk is by far the best I have seen around. I tried several helpdesk systems before both paid and free (spiceworks for example) and none of them come close to being half as good as Trellis. We (The users) are spoilt. I can't believe we have such a good product for free. It's beautiful to look at and easy to customise to what you need. Just the simple fact that it is Ad free. The ability to submit problems to different departments is a god send. We currently have 12 different departments working on it. I cannot praise the ACCORD team enough for this product.

    Finally this leads me to my last point. I am well aware that version 2 is still being worked on. I have been aware of this since 2009?..... Most weeks I log on to the Trellis desk website in the hope that v2 will be released. From what I’ve seen in both the beta and through staff members speaking about it on here it sounds as though it's going to blast the current version out of the water. I know you lot have other commitments etc and this has been put on pause for the time being but please I beg you we need you to work on this helpdesk! Even if you was to charge (a small fee) people would be interested in it. This helpdesk has been the best tool in my arsenal as an IT manager. A new update would be brilliant.


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