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Testing your Software...

  • Started 8 years ago by patm
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    I operate a Community Network and I have been testing all the open source software such as your Trellis Help Desk. I feel that your software has the best design and simplicity but I wish it was functional because I would like to use it within my community network. Two issues that I have...
    1st. Email piping.... You have none and should not state that you do until you have the bugs worked out... very misleading...
    2nd. I have reloaded your system three times but could never get your tracking system to function correctly. When I submit a ticket by a person from the administrative group and assign the ticket to a member group - group members nor other adminstrators can view the ticket. The only person that can view it is the person who generated it... I have gone through and tried to configure the system several different ways and still no luck it granting access to others outside the person submitting the ticket. Question: is this a flaw or is it a design feature.
    3rd. When I go from the ticket login to admin the password always fails where I have to re_enter the password to access the Admin login. I believe this is a flaw because the username passes correctly to the admin login page but not the password.
    I understand from my research that future versions will fix the email piping but what about the ticket viewing. Is it something that I am not configuring correctly or is it in your design that only the person generating the ticket can view it.
    I tired finding an answer on your peer to peer forum but could not find an answer.
    Thank You
    Keep up with the development of your product. I really do think you have a great design.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. DJ

    Project Lead, Trellis Desk

    Thanks for your feedback patm,

    1) Email piping actually does work for most of our customers. We have hundreds already using email piping. However, some server configurations are not currently supported and we are constantly working on improving this issue. We plan on offering much greater support in Trellis Desk 2.0.

    2) Staff can obviously view the ticket from the ACP. But from the client-side, only the user who submitted the ticket can view it. This is how Trellis Desk v1.0 is designed.

    3) Again, if I understand correctly, this is working as designed. When entering the ACP (from the client-side), you are asked for your password again as an extra security measure.

    Hope this helps!

    Posted 8 years ago #

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