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Open Source v2?

  • Started 7 years ago by jman
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    Just wondering if v2 will be open sourced, as there seems to be no movement on the project anymore.

    Would be interested in fixing some of the bugs in v2 (can't even add users, for example, the db record never gets entered); however, though the app is advertised as being "Completely free", it is not.

    In order to legally use the software, I am required to pay in the form of advertising your company via the copyright that according to the license must remain - unless I spring for a "copyright removal license", which makes it no longer free.

    Am not saying you should not get due credit for some good code. But forcing me to leave an ad in place for your company unless I pay to be allowed to remove it is a big turnoff.

    Better to put it under the GNU umbrella. More flies with sugar, and all.

    Still, a good project. Would be nice to see continued development.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. DJ

    Project Lead, Trellis Desk

    We hear ya! Today is your lucky day!

    Posted 7 years ago #
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    Excellent news! And you've even mounted it on GitHub. Awesome! Thank you so much for releasing this app to the wild. Hopefully it will grow strong.

    Time to roll up our sleeves & get busy, folks...

    Posted 7 years ago #
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    any update since then?

    Posted 6 years ago #
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    no, this project had so much potential, but i fear its dead now.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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