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General Functionality Questions

  • Started 7 years ago by codlan92
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    I played around with the demo for a few minutes to familiarize myself with Trellis, and I must say I am impressed. I do have a few questions regarding general functionality of the product however;

    Can i manage all tickets related to, what would be in my case, a single client? For example, lets say I provide data hosting services, and need to have on-hand in notes what hardware my client has installed, where it is installed, contact information for the client, and a history of prior incidents with this client? If so, how many clients can i support?

    What is the best way for clients to view the status of their ticket? Ideally I'd like them to get real-time updates regarding the work that has been done to resolve their problems. Is there a way to export any of this information to my website?

    Can clients create help-requests on their own easily? How does this work?

    Thanks for any help,


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