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    Hi there is it possible to get a quote.

    What i am after is your helpdesk script with an invoice billing system like:

    So you can assign a company name to each user and each time a ticket is updated the technition adds the length of time spent answering that ticket. I would also need a field to set how many free hours of support time each customer gets, or set this for the company if i have many users of one company so many users could share that time.

    So at the end of the month i can goto an invoicing tab and click one button to generate an invoice for all completed tickets.

    There would only be one ticket per company (so one company could have many employee accounts but would only get one invoice.

    When i generate the invoice it would calculate the amount of time spent on completed tickets and generate an invoice based on time spent x hourly fee = total amount due or just with a set monthly fee.

    I would also need an option to set how many free hours the customers gets per month, so i do not over bill them, as at the moment i offer customers 4/5 hours free support time per month then bill for additional work.

    I want to be able to review the invoice and send it out via email and the customer can then pay via paypal (as a one off payment). I would also need to be able to mark payments as paid should people pay via cheque or bank transfer and have automatic mark as paid if paid via paypal.

    Can you drop me an email at in regards to a quote if this is something you can do.


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